Travel insurance price comparison

Travel insurance premiums are related to several factors, however, with similar features, there is still different price depending the company you are dealing with.

Following table shows a sample comparison of travel insurance premium (price) for a 37 years old traveler who will visit Ontario for 30 days.

There are many more companies that offers travel insurance in Canada; however, RBC, Sunlife, Manulife & Berkley are the main providers with the best prices.

مقایسه هزینه بیمه مسافرتی

Insurance company Deductible Pre-existing conditions Premium (هزینه)

RBC $50 Not covered $ 84.30

Sun life 0 Not covered $ 91.35

Manulife 0 Not covered $ 80.96

Manulife 0 Covered $ 89.15

Berkley 0 Not covered $ 61

Berkley 0 Covered $ 67

هزینه پوشش 25000$ برای فردی 37 ساله که به مدت 30 روز در انتاریو اقامت دارد

برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر با شماره 4165606076 تماس بگیرید

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