Young, Healthy and Free. Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

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Besides travel, you may wonder what else these activities have in common – it’s the need for emergency medical travel insurance.

Regardless of your age or health, everyone should consider purchasing emergency medical travel insurance. This is a necessity prior to departing on your adventure. Emergency medical travel insurance can financially protect you against unforeseen circumstances that may arise while you are travelling, so that you are not left with unwanted bills. Having an insurance plan which meets your needs and is backed by a reputable underwriter, helps provide you with peace of mind while travelling.

One of the most common reasons for not purchasing travel medical insurance is…’I can’t afford it!’ Think about this – could you afford a claim to see a hospital physician where the costs could run into the hundreds and very commonly into the thousands of dollars? Travelance Youth Plans can provide you with the peace of mind that you need while travelling. Rates start as low as $7.00 for a 4-day duration!

Travelance’s Youth Travel Insurance plans are specifically designed to provide low-cost emergency medical travel insurance to travelers under the age of 30. This plan is great for weekend getaways or extended trips and can be purchased for up to 365 days at a time.

Travelance’s Youth Premier Package Plan offers coverage Trip Cancellation, Interruption & Delay, Emergency Medical, Baggage & Personal Effects, 24/7 after departure Travel Assistance, and more!

Download the Youth Policy Wording for further information regarding the coverage, limits and to view the policy details.

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