Travel insurance: What to ask before comparing the price

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Travel insurance price is highly related to the features of its policy. You should compare plans with similar coverage. But it is not just about the total amount of coverage, as you normally won't use it all. In most cases, people use their insurance for few visit to a medical facilities for small injuries, flu, or stomach problems. which may cost them around $500-$2000. Therefore it more important to pay attention to what medical conditions are covered and the amount of deductible. 


Typically travel insurance covers the cost of any medical situation happens to travelers. this means you can not expect the insurance company covers the cost of non-emergency check ups or tooth care.

Most travel insurances covers any medical situations need immediate attention, including: flu, fever, rashes, or a broken leg. However, be careful that some travel insurances covers only accidents.

Make sure to ask:


    What services are covered?


    How much coverage each services can get?


    How to qualify for family coverage?


    How much coverage each person receive under family coverage?


    Is trip interruptions covered?




A deductible is an amount of money that you take responsibility for before the insurance company pays out on a claim.

For example, If your travel insurance deductible is $500, and you medical bill is $900, insurance company will pay you $400. If your travel insurance deductible is $1,000 and your claim is only worth $750, you will have to pay the entire thing -- your insurance company will only pay once the damages are more than the deductible.

Your insurance premium would be cheaper if you accept more deductibles, but I strongly advise $0 deductible travel insurance, because money wise it will cost you much more if you use your travel insurance. Accepting more deductible will not lower your cost of insurance to the level that is worth it! You may pay $100 less on premium, but if you need to claim, which is often happens, you have too pay much more on medical expenses.



Waiting period:

Typically when you buy travel insurance before you enter Canadian border, the effective date of your coverage is your arrival date in Canada. which means you are covered from the time you enter the Canada.

If you are already in Canada, you are not covered for illnesses for a period of time after you purchase the travel insurance, this time period is called "waiting period".

The waiting period could range from 30 days to 48 hours, depending on the time of your arrival.

You may be eligible for eliminating waiting period if you are already covered by another insurance provider and willing to change your coverage.



Pre-existing conditions:

These days many people suffer from medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. which may cause other health problems for them. You have to inform your insurance agent if you have any illnesses, specially if you take medication.

Most insurance companies offer two kind of insurance plan, one for completely healthy individuals and one for those who suffer from existing medical issue. As excepted, the first one is cheaper, due to lower risk of health problems.

Be careful! if you get an insurance which is not covering pre-existing medical condition, insurance companies will reject your claim and wont pay you if the medical practitioner relates you medical issue to the previous illness you had, even though you don't see the relation! Insurance companies can contact your doctor and request more information and clarification.




Our unique product features:


    Comprehensive coverage with competitive rates


    Pre-Existing conditions covered up to age 69 with $0 deductibles on standard plan;


    Fulfills Super Visa requirement; Can be extended to two consecutive years.


    Family coverage


    Monthly premium payment option available


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