5 easy ways to save for a rainy day

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There are really only two ways to have more money – make more, or spend less. Since it’s easier to spend less than make more, here are five ways that you can start saving right now.

Make more...or spend less

1. Pay yourself first

Arrange with your bank to have a specific amount of money (say $50 or $100) automatically transferred from your regular account into a separate bank account that you don’t use. Do this on the first of every month so the money is out of sight before you begin to pay your monthly bills and everyday expenses.


2. Pay your bills on time

If you pay on the minimum due every month on your credit card, then you may be paying extremely high interest rates that can even add up to more than the original cost of the item you purchased! Consider switching to debit because, unlike using a credit card, with debit, you can’t spend what isn’t there.


3. Observe the 24hr rule

Give yourself 24 hours before you make any “unscheduled” purchases. Remember, if you didn’t know you needed it before you went to the store, then you probably don’t need it at all.


5. Entertain at home

Eating at a restaurant, even a few times a week, can really add up. Have friends over instead and pack your lunch using leftovers. For inexpensive at-home entertainment, nothing beats a service like Netflix that gives you unlimited access to movies and tv shows for a fraction of what cable services cost.


Source: https://www.thestar.com/business/personal_finance/spending_saving/2012/12/30/10_easy_ways_to_save_money.html

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